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Welcome to
Mahmud Group
Established in 1997
We provide total solution
in Denim & Jeans.
Vertical integration from
Spinning - Weaving - Dyeing - Jeans
We have 6 jewels that make
the brightest crown
for creating the best Jeans.
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Mahmud Spinning Unit
Spinning Unit
Established in 2006
Backed by
535 Employees
900 Ton Per Month
Mahmud Denims Limited
Denims Limited
Producing more than
2.5 Million Yards Per Month
Offers Environment
Friendly Fabric
Mahmud Indigo Limited
Indigo Limited
Established in 2010
Powered by
400 Employees
Produces World Class
Denim Fabric
Mahmud Jeans Limited
Jeans Limited
Leading Garment Manufacture
Powered by
3052 Employees
Produces more than
30,000 pieces per day
Mahmud Washing Plant Limited
Washing Plant Limited
We Value
Rich Color and Texture
Producing 30,000
pieces per day
100% Compliant
Mahmud Woven Dyeing Unit
Woven Dyeing Unit
Newest Concern
Under Mahmud Group
Produces Fabric in all Weighs
from 200 to 350 GSM
Mahmud Rope Dyeing Unit
Mahmud Rope Dyeing Unit
M/S. Rupali Trading Agency
Mahmud Trading Corporation
M/S. Rafee Enterprise
M/S. Ashfaque Enterprise
M/S. Afroz Trade Agency
Provita Feed Ltd
Provita Hatcheries Ltd.